Sunday, June 12, 2011

bundle of memories

22/4,a big day for me. The day of indigo team election. As i hope for the headquarter,everything goes against me.
Sighhh. Fortunately,i can be able to say "nono" to the busy suckss co-curriculum life.

Does it look like sarawak or singapore election? haha.
My last day,last year in the chonghwa cup basketball competition. I'm super,duper,hyper excited that i'd made one "chop" into the net goal. Oh Yeah!!!

Smells bad ><
Erm,第八届全国独中科学营。Have a lot of fun with my classmates. Mess and rock the camp rather than look serious into it. Hehe,play more,learn more ma ^^

Piggies hearts...

Natural universal indicator -- purple cabbagexperiment

Elephant toothpaste(creamy)
6/6/11,went to Taman Megah,Petaling Jaya.看见很多智障的儿童和一些中年。当我们来到时,他们热情地迎接我们,有的还拉着我的手,不断地要我和他一起玩。在那段时刻,真的没有烦恼,尽情地玩,很棒!我们一起跳舞,涂颜色。不过有时候,和一些性格较怪癖的儿童,真的很难沟通,不禁有种挫折感。最难忘的,是这位弟弟,起初必须握着他的手,教他涂,接着上手了,就任他发挥。涂到一半,他会望着我,希望我能给予他嘉许和称赞。我给一个肯定的眼神,他就会开心地笑,自信地继续涂手上的画。涂完后,他会拿着手上的画到处展现,我们都会给予热烈的掌声,他开心,我们也开心。一句话:温馨 :))))

小弟弟 :)))
I love my sweet eighteen birthday present with my n times muacks!!!Made me POKI :))))
When im in sorrow,it is my best thing to cure myself.
接到凤君的电话,问我喜不喜欢UKISS.先stunt,然后say no,盖电话。第二天来补课,就塞两张Ukiss "Bran New Kiss" Album Showcase RM159 tickets来==结果就和家庆去了pavilion.I thought they held in pavilion hall,so i bring my bigbang hoodie.Im late for the show for 1hour,and they just late for!!!They held it outdoor,so HOT!!!! I clung my hoodie on my shoulder sweating there==And the seating place quite aside,taking nice photos and having good views are blablabla...fanning by using their entrance again.They kept asking fangirls to shout out loud.Shout what "shikuro!!""yeah"...==I and jiaching just like passers-by audience,never shout at all.Boredboredbored.They dance "Man man ha ni" quite nice.And so i love two songs of them: 0330 and man man ha ni.Then they took off their jacket and started their handshake with fans.And again fangirls yelling:"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Then the front seat were empty.I moved to the front place and wanted to stand on a chair.A "gekdong" fangirl kicked my chair and push me.Walao,thank god im big in dream man that night,Eli,Kevin and feel that Kevin looks alike with Isaac a 50/50 night for me lor.
The most important point for me:I GAVE MY 1ST TIME TO UKISS(sigh)
i love U-KISS me ><

Saturday, April 2, 2011

life is just like a shock

As i say im gonna stay to complete my secondary study,i get many punch by my friends. PUNCH,OUCHHHHH |.|
I'm for sure that i will stay down,because there's no other lane for me to step on it. Im craving for Taiwan and New Zealand University:))))) I will say nono for russia moscow now. For all my friends,your future is your handmade craft. It borns beautifully with those who pay 100% attention on it. Just like this quote : Attitude is a decision :))))

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :)))))

Sob lar u,chikang ( '' )

My mum is so pretty :))))

This is a penis cake ==

Sunday, March 13, 2011

memories gonna miss them )':

13/3/11 the vacom edu fair changes everything in my life.I'm gonna fly overseas this september to Russia,and study in Moscow Medical Academy for 6 years. I'm gonna learn russian language,culture,and taste the four season weather for years.I'm gonna miss my family,my friends,my teachers,my society and more and more! I seriously feel that many things that i haven complete.I maybe regret for incomplete my dreams in form6,my graduation certificate,my role in graduation video,the science camp in june and i can't even more undergo dissection of rabbits,at most of all-cow's eye.I made my dear,cl shed tears,my dear xuandara,almost broke down after noticing this,my dear buddy,yuling in sob moments,my poki friend,miich high dao boom,my sincere friend,huiting feel sorrow and she's one of them im worried.Chikang,go for your future,don't hesitate,there's no gain for hesitation,but loss,ok?And cheepui,i sure will miss you since school open this january'11==

I want the garlic smells good like before :))))

YN2NE1,i will still be there with u all :))))

Miss u all :))))

Miich,u are the only one who is the

Huiting,walk carefully,don't fall easily!!!And be optimistic,ok?!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

:( or :)

I'm back from china for weeks. And these days I'm bad freaking mood:(
Everything just like goes against me:( FUCK凸

this cute boy keep on telling:"不要拍照!" in formal mandarin!pro-kid!

this time,i really own it!lol...

Although quite sob these days, BIGBANG is the one who i'm happy and looking forward with :))))
This morning i stunned for hours when i looked at the newspaper that 604 BIGBANG will come to m'sia!!! Poki for times,so damn joyful:))))))
YN2ne1,xiangning told me that if wanna buy tickets,must go by yourselves to buy it on the first day. Don't trust online purchase because they might give tickets that are left for the first day or the tickets sell online is the second day's tickets :((((( Second day's tickets might not have the one u want it. Then you will "pik cik" and scold:"wtf?!"

And one more thing that i really feel: 2011-BIGBANG YEAR!!!!!!!
This is just the 4th mini album,there are more albums will be coming this year,said GD:)))))
I need to start my savings now >.<

Monday, January 24, 2011

VVIP :))))))

I can't wait for it!!!!!
Thanks chingloon for flying the album from KOREA!!!!
Kissy,sexxy seungri!!!!!! (Faint)

Saturday, May 1, 2010



im happy to see them -- primary rainbow and secondary rainbow.
they are just once in a blue moon.
by undergoing twice reflections,there they are!
no more abstraction in my mind,no need reference of physics book.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

boy,guten tag.

i fall into the spirit of love again.
i met him by this place,
both of us sound a note of friendship.
my life,his life just need to go on,
maybe we gotta go our own way,
maybe start glamorously,
maybe end up because i am not courage enough.
i think i am tough to make through this sucks.
i want both of us to smile,
i'll keep on be who i am.
my heart is too hard to budget all this.
sigh again...